Embrace Being Uncomfortable

“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.” Frederick Douglass

So it has been about a month of writing cover letters, tuning up projects, creating new projects, learning new skills, going to meet-ups, and of course applying to jobs. There is a level of uncertainty entering a new industry with new skills and with high hopes.

We all have been working hard to create something that we can be proud and want to show off. However, what we must embrace is that most of the best applications have come from place of discomfort where someone questions the norms. The need to problem solve and create better ways to accomplish your goals is the essence of web development. Being uncomfortable has to become our norm so we can continue to improve upon our projects and ourselves.

For myself, I often get lost in the process. I lose track of time accomplishing my goals to get that high feeling of finding a solution to a problem. It is what drives me to continue to push myself to accomplish what I didn’t think I could six months ago.

So here is to the next chapter in our lives and pushing the limits of being uncomfortable!


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